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We’ve been very encouraged by the warm reception from the veterinarian market for our services. Since 2009, Lynx has supplied the medical industry with robust tools and mechanisms to manage all clinic owned supplies, meds, DME, and capital equipment for our client facilities. Our powerful, medically based Lynx inventory control platform is well modeled for the dynamic demands of these large and small clinics and breeding centers. Here are some of the unique benefits Lynx vet provides to every veterinarian clinic, no matter the size.



Lynx barcode web-based platform gives the supply manager a real-time view from any PC or handheld device of all working inventory in their primary warehouse location, satellite locations and on every vet truck.



Two problem areas common to supply distribution for vet clinics are shrinkage and over-ordering. Lynx real-time usage and projections reports help eliminate the unnecessary expenses to these, making clear the cost and where the untracked inventory went. Also, over time, it builds accurate seasonal cost projections. The Lynx platform provides all the tools needed to control the supply cost area of the business.



The daily routine of all vet supply managers begins early and can run late. Simple working mechanics of the Lynx platform make it easy to keep clinic, truck and breeding center stocked, making certain the medical teams have what they need without overstocking, without understocking and keeping in the range of needed available values for each location. Lynx Logistics simplifies the daily routine from vendor to inventory warehouse and from warehouse to clinic, operating room (OR) and truck. This significantly reduces the time needed for management of all materials, freeing them up for other duties.



Lynx uses a unique ordering feature, which provides the supply manager’s control of what, when, how much and from whom orders are generated for, quickly placing them through one-click authorization. Special programing in Lynx looks at all on-the shelf values and combines them with simple par levels to generate suggested Purchase Orders for approval. All ordering is simple, accurate and timely.



Lynx provides limitless vendor options, including those companies you’re already using. Collective purchasing volumes through these large distributors and small companies will greatly reduce product expenses. A simple cost analysis will help determine your immediate savings.

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How Can Lynx Vet Help You?

Does Your Company…

Use select meds with a shelf life?

These are no longer a problem to manage as they and other supplies with expiration dates will have them included on the product, easily seen as it sits on the shelf. In addition, quick and easy reporting can be generated at any time to make clear what will soon be out of date and at what cost. This control helps manage how much of each unit should be purchased on a regular basis.

Does Your Company…

Have Federal Concerns?

Narcotics- real-time tracking of these meds has become important. Lynx works with security tags to secure, mark and track these units from the time they are received into the warehouse to consumption, and everywhere in between. Again, powerful reporting generated via PC or handheld provides a

quick and accurate understanding of every individual vial, its location and ultimate use.

Does Your Company…

Need Third Party Integration?

Some software, already in use by most vet facilities, may have some level of inventory control, but that area of their program doesn’t meet the needs of the business. This is ok. Where they fall short, Lynx can be integrated, pushing or pulling select information to those platforms. Third part integration flexibility helps keep the overall operational systems communicating with each other and working with the company for best results.